Beggars and outlaws now rule Jeddah's Al-Hindawiya District


Okaz/Saudi Gazette

JEDDAH — Al-Hindawiya is derived from the word "Hinduism" in Urdu language and means "magnet" in the Indian language. It lies at the other end of the Jeddah city on the side of the Al-Zahab Street. The district was very popular some years ago, but now it is known more for being chaotic and scary. Of late, several long-time residents have now abandoned the neighborhood after it became a haven for violators, beggars and outlaws.

A tour carried out by Okaz/Saudi Gazette reporter witnessed the reality of the situation when he encountered hundreds of violations in the neighborhood. The most prominent of which is the absence of civilized organization and lack of the lowest level of services, cleanliness. The place has foul smell, and the neighborhood is full of violators of the residency system. Another problem is the difficulty faced by the security services in entering the alleyways of the neighborhood, especially Civil Defense vehicles.

Citizens of the neighborhood are asking the authorities to take corective measures and reform the area since it is one of the oldest neighborhoods in the central district of Jeddah. Mohammed Al-Otaibi says that the Al-Hindawiya district is divided into two parts (the neighborhood facing the sea and the Jeddah Islamic Port, and the popular neighborhood). Al-Otaibi added that the neighborhood is full of old unlicensed abutting shops for watch, tailoring, furniture, wedding equipment rentals, school stationery, school supplies, pharmacies, grain mills, bakeries, studios and others.

A source in the labor and social affairs stated that it is forbidden to beg in any form and for whatever reasons. Violators will be arrested and legal action will be taken against them according to the law. The regulations state that if the beggar happens to be a citizen and arrested for the first time, he will be handed over to the competent authorities for medical and psychological examination, checks on his marital status, and taking the necessary measures to remedy his case and handing him over to his family if he is a minor. If the beggar is a foreigner, he will be arrested immediately and will undergo investigation to take necessary measures to deport him from the Kingdom.