The new futuristic phone from honor to turn every millennial into an innovator and trendsetter


Have you met Sophia, the first robot declared a citizen by Saudi Arabia? Sophia is more than a robot, she is Saudi Arabia’s tactic to declare the utilization of Artificial intelligence. AI will accelerate the goals of Saudi Vision 2030 and should add 12.5% to the Kingdom’s GDP according to PWC Middle East, 2018. It will significantly transform government services in smart cities.

Honor, the leading smartphone e-brand under the Huawei Group, is launching a futuristic phone with a camera that encompasses AI. This means the new double-sided 2.5D glass Honor phone, dubbed Honor 10, the camera takes a shot and uses machine learning to robotically photograph what it “thinks” is interesting. When taking a picture with the not-yet-released phone, the camera will respond to lighting, facial expressions, and other common traits of good photos. This phone can take not only smart, professional photos, but also beautiful, high-quality images with 24MP + 16MP rear camera.

Chris Sun Baigong, Vice President of Honor in the Middle East and Africa, said, “We are proud to roll out Honor 10, the next best thing in camera phones. Why it’s the next best thing? Simple: AI. But, what is Artificial intelligence? It is an umbrella term that involves a whole lot of things from robotic process automation to actual robotics. When AI exists in a system or a machine, it makes it a smart and reactive machine; it enhances its memory and increases its awareness to understand a certain state and can use that information to learn to perform a certain task automatically. AI gives a machine, like a mobile phone, a mind of its own.”

The camera, as if knowing that something memorable is occurring, takes 10-15 seconds burst photograph, ensuring that the moment is fully captured. AI recognizes not only a single object, but multiple ones.