Terror suspects before Criminal Court up by 182%

April 22, 2018

Mansour Al-Shihri

RIYADH — The criminal cases related to terrorism being considered by the Criminal Court in Riyadh have increased by about 132 percent during the past six months while the number of defendants rose by about 182 compared to the same period last year, according to court sources.

The sources did not specify the number of the suspects but said the defendants appearing before the court have increased by about 79 percent.

They said the court sessions increased by about 51 percent compared to the hearings held by the court during the same period last year.

The sources said the number of the verdicts issued by the court have increased by about 24 percent and added that these verdicts were issued by 10 circuits in the court.

The court is not only concerned with considering the cases of the terror suspects involved in security issues but also looks at cases against government bodies raised by the suspects who spend more time in the prisons than their original terms.

The sources said the court has issued verdicts in favor of a number of citizens whose release was delayed for no legal reasons and ordered financial compensations for them.

The Criminal Court is specialized in considering the cases of terrorism and its financing by individuals or groups who belong to terrorist organizations.

It is also in charge of considering individual terror cases in addition to the cases of espionage against the country.

The court is also in charge of all the big cases, which are aimed at shaking the security of the society, destabilizing the country or undermining its national unity.

It also considers the cases of attacks and aggressions against Saudi citizens abroad, the damage to the general properties of the Kingdom and its missions outside including embassies and consulates.

April 22, 2018
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