Access to Google Search now shared by verified sources


Saudi Gazette

Celebrities and public figures can now have access to the world’s largest search engine and post content directly.

Google introduced this week a new feature in the Arab World that allows verified public figures and organizations in the region to post directly on Google Search.

Users searching for the popular show on MBC, “The Voice”, for instance, will see updates posted directly by the program’s team.

|This platform allows verified public figures, teams, TV shows, musicians, TV Shows, and organizations to post directly on Search, keeping you up to date with the latest information,” said Najeeb Jarrar, the consumer marketing manager for Google in the Arab world.

The company believes the new feature will help people searching for the next Amr Diab concert or catching up on the latest sports interview on Action Ya Dawry can receive more accurate information.

Posts on Google first launched in 2016 allowing searchers to receive information directly from the primary source in addition to existing results from across the web.

Entities can claim their presence to post on Google by clicking the link under their Knowledge Panel in Google Search.

People and organizations in the following categories are now eligible to claim their presence on Google in MENA:

l Authors

l Cities

l Sports teams

l Sports leagues

l Museums

l Movies

l Musicians

l Schools

l TV Shows

l Video Games