The corrupted storm of cronyism


Almadina newspaper

PEOPLE in our society use cronyism to achieve certain goals and it is rare that you will find someone who hasn’t relied on cronyism at some point. To be completely honest, I am also guilty of relying on cronyism. To start, let me first introduce the local version of this practice as it has different definitions, depending on the culture and society it is practiced in.

Cronyism is clearly prohibited in Islamic law and is considered a crime like any other type of crime under general law. People who engage in this practice must be punished especially if their actions harmed someone or led to someone being denied their rights. Some people might justify cronyism even though it is completely unjustifiable. Indeed, we use cronyism in our daily lives, almost in everything even when there is no need. For instance, people rely on cronyism to get their paperwork processed faster in government departments, to avoid long lines at the bank, hospitals and even in stores if they have a friend working there. This is unfortunate because it has become such a normal phenomenon that we don’t recognize it anymore. When Arabs are in countries where cronyism doesn’t work, they wax lyrical about the rule of law and admire the foreign country’s discipline. But as soon as these people return to their countries, they return to their ways at the airport where they start looking for familiar faces that can help them clear immigration quickly!

Cronyism, as defined by the National Anti-Corruption Commission, is when someone needs support in his or her own proposal, job or position of authority from powerful and capable persons to achieve a specific goal unjustly. It is considered a violation of the rules and an usurpation of other people’s rights because an undeserving individual is able to get something through unfair channels. When someone lands a job even though they are unqualified, there is a high chance that that person will engage in even bigger corruption down the road. This makes it important for honest members of society to stand and fight against this dangerous form of corruption which creates an administrative storm of illicit money and a general feeling of injustice in society.

There is nothing left to say except that we must change our behavior when it comes to this phenomenon no matter how big or small because what is prohibited is prohibited no matter how big or small it is. Changing of human behavior is possible especially if it is a positive change. In my upcoming article I will address the real reasons why cronyism is so widespread and look forward to your interaction.