Victims of energy therapists

Victims of energy therapists

Al-Watan newspaper

A PERSON will face different emotional and psychological conditions, depending upon the various circumstances and situations in his life. He may be encountered by failures, disappointments and frustrations and will be wrestling with them continuously, causing tension.

Such people are likely to fall victims of sadness and they lose balance and confidence. If they were strong and patient, they would have come out triumphant over such negative feelings and received mental peace and satisfaction.

If that person is weak and negative-minded, he would be stuck between his defeats and shadow of his strange personality for a long time. During the course of that struggle, the evil-minded and immoral would try to trap such people in their moments of weakness in order to exploit them.

When the National Center for Alternative and Complementary Medicine prevented energy therapy and training, it did take the decision from vacuum or without knowledge of what is going on in the field. On the other hand, the measure was taken to protect the health and safety of community members and safeguard them from harmful therapies.

Energy therapists ask patients to enroll in courses where they conduct fraudulent sessions to sell illusions because this healing process does not have any scientific basis. These vendors of illusions pick up their prey with care and try to convince them that this is the last and only cure. The victims take their words seriously to reach the shore of safety.

These healers tell their victims that this (energy therapy) is the last chance and if they fail to join the course their life ship will sink. Energy therapists in the Gulf and other parts of the Arab World narrate fictitious success stories scientifically, but their therapy contradicts with science.

They introduce their treatment in an attractive and exciting manner to promote the importance of attending the miraculous training courses they offer, highlighting their exceptional ability to cure the disease.

Some therapists claim to have the blessing of God and possessing precise techniques to remove excess negative energy from body like the one who throws a piece of biscuit in the middle of a lake; it will float a little while on the surface before the lake swallows it completely.

Just as predatory animals smell fear in men before attacking them, vendors of energy therapy and self-development smell disorder, psychological anxiety and lack of confidence in their victims. These therapists do not require specialized skills to reveal emotionally troubled persons. The strange factors that surround them will be usually very obvious, so it is easy for such therapists to catch their victims.

This type of pseudo therapy has been practiced secretly for a long period of time in the Kingdom. Some Arab and non-Arab foreigners used to organize these courses secretly without any license at homes of some big families as well as in residential complexes of foreigners.

Energy therapists rely on depressed people, especially those with a failed marriage or having a complex family problem to convince them that they will be able to get rid of their pain by removing the negative energy from their bodies. These therapists actually target the pockets of their victims.

It’s really surprising that these therapists were successful in promoting mass distance therapy, which they practice with the support of WhatsApp staying in a foreign country. Many people who are obsessed with this fictitious treatment get a feeling that their negative energy has disappeared from parts of their bodies after attending the courses.

These patients also claim the therapy helped them recover from their various diseases and that they have received positive energy, which provided them with a new strength and happiness, as if they are born again. When the therapist gives greater care and attention, the patients get greater self-confidence and happiness.

The patients repeat the same words the therapist used while treating them, giving them a feeling that they have also become healers. They then pretend that they know certain things which people around them will not understand. These people destroy themselves without their knowledge, and spoil their socio-family relations, claiming they have got rid of negative people.

It will be very late for a person who received this fictitious treatment to realize the extent of psychological damage it has inflicted on him/her. By that time all those around him have left, one after the other. At the same time, the patients would continue to claim that they are still in best condition, even after becoming alone after losing all their friends.

Living with illusions is a modern disease. We should alert such sleeping individuals to wake up, because the treatment of this disease requires only opening his eyes clearly to see that the therapist who takes his money, controls his mind at the moment of weakness and sells illusion is fake, even though he promotes it as the last solution for survival.