Saudi Arabia hikes fuel price


Riyadh -- Saudi Arabia increased fuel price effective as of midnight Sunday (Dec. 31, 2017).

Octane 91 fuel which cost 75 halalas per liter will now be available at SR1.37 per liter and 95 octane which cost 90 halalas per liter will cost SR2.04 per liter.

Diesel for industries and utilities will cost SR0.378.

The price of diesel for transport remains unchanged at SR0.47. Kerosene price also remains unaffected at SR0.64.

The prices include Value Added Tax (VAT).

The regulatory authorities are monitoring the markets to ensure that prices are not manipulated and supplies are not interrupted.

Anyone who raises prices before the stated date and time will be penalized.

Saudi Aramco will also provide its customers with detailed information on mechanism to apply these prices. -- SPA