Filipina on trial for involvement in terror operation


Okaz/Saudi Gazette

RIYADH — Trial has opened for a Filipina working illegally as a nurse in a dental clinic who is accused of cooperation in a terror activity.

Two years ago, security authorities busted an explosives manufacturing factory belonging to the Daesh terrorist organization. It was run by a Syrian explosives expert.

The nurse was helping the Syrian national and another Filipina who was sewing explosive belts.

The factory was set up in a house in Al-Faihaa district east of Riyadh.

The Bureau of Public Prosecution convicted the non-Muslim unmarried 27-year-old “nurse” of obstructing justice by not informing the authority about the explosives factory.

She was recruited to work as a housemaid but she escaped and started working illegally as a nurse in a dental clinic. She was also convicted of having an unlawful intimate relationship with the Syrian explosives expert.

The general attorney demanded a harsh punishment for her.