We are proud of our young inventors

We are proud of our young inventors

Al-Watan newspaper

WE are proud that we started our life journey from the desert and grew up in this arid terrain. We are also proud of transforming the desert into an oasis, which was one of biggest challenges of men. Reforming the roughness of desert is not an easy task. However, by the Grace of God we have succeeded in addressing this challenge.

Today the Empty Quarter does not remain like a desert known to the world yesterday. It has been turned into a huge industrial and mechanical center that stands on par with similar institutions around the world in terms of strength and uniqueness. It was the result of Saudis’ determination, resolve and thirst for success.

Every day, our children demonstrate high caliber and efficiency to take on new challenges in different parts of the world, adopting innovative methods and advanced programs that meet the needs of the new phase and requirements of modern times. Many of our sons and daughters work with infinite passion and love to change the stereotypes created by criminals and terrorists, who have created a public opinion, distorting the image of Islam and Saudis.

Saudi Arabia’s caravan has set off with its equipment and strength to make its way forward to reach the summit, despite harsh circumstances. As Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman, deputy premier and minister of defense, paved the way for the convoy the rest of our youth inside and outside the Kingdom decided to plant the seeds of knowledge, love and peace in order to project the true picture of Saudi Arabia and its people.

In Australia, for example, two Ph.D graduates in Information Technology Management, Dr. Muneera and Dr. Hayat Mohammed Al-Sahli, (who are sisters) initiated the Global Peace Project and participated in its distinguished guests’ corner during the 2017 graduation ceremony organized by the Saudi Club in Melbourne.

The initiative, which reflects the thinking and culture of Saudi society, was aimed at highlighting the values of peace, love, compassion and humanity promulgated by all major religions in the world. The sisters cooperated with the Australian Center for Education and Training to raise public awareness on the importance of global peace and promote Islam, which is a moderate religion

They also wanted to remove the wrong perception that Islam is a source of violence or extremism. This was done by providing people in the other half of the globe with a reliable source of information, which is easily accessible, to learn the true religion of Islam, which essentially promotes peace among individuals and accepts the other irrespective of differences in religion, culture and language.

The Global Peace Initiative and the Saudi Academy for Peace are among the most important initiatives launched by the foreign scholarship students. They have been successful in giving an impressive picture of Saudi society back home.

At home, Khulood Al-Abbasi, a 14-year-old Saudi girl impressed international judges at ITEX exhibition through her unique invention. She won 5 gold medals and 5 special prizes, most importantly the prize given by the world's largest inventor, World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) Switzerland, for the invention of a patented environment-friendly smart scooter.

Khulood’s scooter is different from the ordinary one rising slightly from the ground, with an eco-friendly battery, producing oxygen and is rechargeable, while normal scooters are run by lithium battery that could explode and damage environment.

She received the gold medal from the European delegation as well as a certificate of appreciation being the best inventor, in addition to a gold medal given by the Asian delegation, the gold medal from a South Korean fair for the best invention and the gold medal and a special award from the Chinese delegation. Khulood also received a special award from the Turkish delegation.

Meanwhile, WIPO nominated her to represent Saudi Arabia at the Geneva Inventors Center next year. Despite her young age, she dreamed of becoming an atomic scientist and join the US space agency NASA or the King Abdullah City of Nuclear Energy in Riyadh. Perhaps many people do not know that the talented inventor has participated in many international competitions, and beat over 3,000 inventors in the process.

Having taken Einstein as a model for success, Khulood continued her studies and research in engineering, aviation and the environment. She has conducted a lot of research on atom and incurable diseases. There are many young Saudi men and women like Khulood, Hayat and Muneera who have excelled in the field of scientific inventions without waiting for applause and encouragement. At the same time, they feel happy over having contributed the Kingdom’s achievements.

This shows that the Kingdom's caravan is moving in the right direction and continues to make its way to the summit, and we believe that it would not stop with God's help and strength, despite difficulties and challenges in the north and south. During our long journey we’ll spread the seeds of knowledge, love and peace.