JGIS, a techno-home for smart learners


JEDDAH GRAMMAR INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL (JGIS) is a Cambridge-affiliated school with a vision to emerge as an exemplary academic institution ensuring that all students receive comprehensive, high standard, rigorous and innovative education.

JGIS is one of the pioneers in introducing the Smart Learning System in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with a vision of revolutionizing the education system. The mainstay of JGIS educational program is to equip the smart learners with knowledge, confidence, discovery and enhancement of their skills, while grooming their personalities and preparing them to meet the futuristic challenges of this century.

JGIS follows innovative teaching techniques, Integrated Curriculum, Smart Teaching Tools, Digital Text Books and Interactive Classrooms to support students achieve their academic goals in this technological era. The methodology of teaching embraces E-Learning, as well as effective teaching methods guaranteeing the standard of education par excellence. JGIS is a place where education is fun. It’s a techno home for smart learners. No heavy bags, no home works.

The knowledge-based interactive education enhances the social potential, confidence, creative abilities and learning skills by engaging through innovative ideas, creativity, and a carefully designed integrated curriculum.

JGIS make smart learners by Shaping Minds through Active Learning using Reasoning and Technology and educate, motivate, innovate, stimulate and nurture young minds and prepare them for excelling in their academic career.

The experienced faculty incorporates technology in their lessons and instructions to ensure that students gain knowledge-based education through motivational directions. Easy to use digital textbooks, smart boards, projectors, computers and various educational tools to evaluate students’ coursework are the common infrastructure in the child e-learning experience.

JGIS also gives equal importance to extra-curricular and sports activities along with academics, as it believes that these activities boost students’ confidence and teach them discipline.

The school encompasses all aspects of student development such as academic, intellectual, creative, social, physical, ethical and emotional. The school is an innovation in learning. Smart Learners will setup new laudable goals and qualified faculty will guide them towards the path of success. — SG