PISJ-ES plays an integral role in strengthening Pak-Saudi socio-cultural synergy


ON the auspicious occasion of Saudi National Day, I extend my heartfelt felicitations to Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman, Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman, deputy premier and defense minister, and people of the entire Kingdom.

Birthed by the Prophet Ibrahim’s blessed ingress on the land of mountains, deserts and palm trees, Saudi Arabia not only secures a core position in the Arabian Peninsula geographically but also marks the spiritual center of Islam for the Muslims across the globe.

Having had the enormous cultural diversity and being induced with the sacred spirit of the true faith of our last Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), this country provides a stirring religious inspiration for Muslims at large.

Today is the day to celebrate individuality, peace and sovereignty as a nation. With the strings of brotherhood, this land of peace has always been playing a pivotal role to keep the Muslim Ummah united under its shade of Islam. Millions of Muslims from across the globe are uniquely attracted to visit the blessed mosques of Makkah and Madinah as pilgrims to fulfil their religious obligations and seek contentment of souls.

Retaining its prestige as ‘pride of the nation’ on the Saudi soil, Pakistan International School Jeddah- English Section has been playing an integral role in strengthening the age-old ties of Pak- Saudi friendly relationship for more than a couple of decades.

Despite having Arabic language as a compulsory segment, our curriculum encompasses a significant part of the Saudi studies and culture which facilitate our students to affiliate their deep-rooted intimacy with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Nonetheless, both the countries maintain exemplary bilateral military, economic, security and cultural relations.

This cultural synergy is supporting to elevate the overall socio-economical structure in terms of trade, values, health and education in both the countries.

Sharing the joy of celebrating the Saudi National Day with great pride and enthusiasm, I pray for the eternal peace in both the countries and their everlasting friendship.

Long live Saudi Arabia and Pak-Saudi friendship!

Adnan Nasir

Principal PISJ-ES