10 bad habits to avoid in Ramadan

10 bad habits to avoid in Ramadan


Shahd Alhamdan
Saudi Gazette

Ramadan is a month of spirituality, a month in which the body, mind and soul should be spiritually charged. However, many people commit the following bad habits that negatively affect their mental and physical health.

Saudi Gazette is providing you with a list of 10 bad habits to avoid during the holy month. The first is eating large portions of food very fast at Iftar.

It would be better to sip a glass or two of warm water and to then begin eating after 30 minutes. Water helps in cleaning the body.

Secondly, avoid waking up in an angry mood as that will make you angry the entire day. Fasting is about treating yourself and others in a good manner.

Part of the fasting process is finding your inner peace. Do not sleep after Iftar because you will gain weight as your metabolism decreases when you sleep.

Avoid drinking tea immediately after Iftar. Postpone drinking tea for at least two hours after Iftar because doing so absorbs calcium and iron from the body.

By drinking tea immediately after Iftar decreases how much one’s body benefits from the food you have just eaten.

Avoid eating sweets after Iftar. It is better to eat sweets three hours after Iftar to avoid increasing your blood sugar levels.

Avoid going late to the mosque and avoid driving recklessly and blocking cars when parking. It is best to leave home at least 30 minutes before prayer.

Avoid eating large portions of protein because that causes indigestion and constipation.

Avoid wasting your whole day or night watching TV. It is best to select one or two programs or dramas to watch during Ramadan to avoid wasting one’s entire month in futile pursuits.

Avoid shopping in Ramadan, since demand increases and prices rise. It is better to go shopping before Ramadan or after Eid.

Avoid sleeping after midnight or sleeping less because as the new sleeping patterns will negatively affect your body, as well as your mood, and cause headaches and other illnesses.