Smile, it’s Eid

People do not smile a lot these days for many reasons that I cannot sum up in this article.

Smile, it’s Eid
Smile, it’s Eid

Muhammad Al-Osaimi


People do not smile a lot these days for many reasons that I cannot sum up in this article. But I would like to ask everyone to smile in Eid because this is the time of joy and happiness. We are supposed to enjoy Eid as much as possible and let those around us feel the same. Remember your wives first and tell them “Happy Eid” before congratulating others on this joyous festival. Many people tend to spend hours sending and giving “Happy Eid” congratulations to their relatives and friends and forget about their wives who live with them under the same roof. This is not fair.

Eid is the time when we forgive and forget and let our sons and daughters enjoy Eid to the maximum. It is not a time to cause problems and trouble and get angry at trivial matters or small mistakes that can be overlooked or ignored because they are not important.

Recently, I have started smiling at myself every time I look at the mirror. You might call me crazy but I like it when I do it. It makes me feel happy and I thank Allah for all his blessings and for giving me wonderful wife, a son, and two daughters who are all healthy, thanks to Allah. It is a great blessing that many around the world do not have or they crave it and need it desperately.

I will smile more in Eid. I will wear a big smile on my face every time I walk on the street, go to any place, or come back home to remind people that it is Eid and they should have fun. Why do some get grumpy and miserable during this time is something I will never fathom. It is beyond me.

We all have sorrows and our share of sadness and problems. Some vent it out while others bottle it up. This is the best time to overcome and forget your sadness. It is a good opportunity to make an orphan, a poor person, or a disabled one happy.