There’s global silence on Iran’s conduct in Mideast — Saudi FM

Minister of Foreign Affairs Prince Faisal Bin Farhan speaking at the Disarmament Conference in Geneva on Monday.

GENEVA — Minister of Foreign Affairs Prince Faisal Bin Farhan said that there is global silence towards Iran’s conduct in the Middle East on Monday while talking on a wide range of subject, including its adherence to the global agreements on disarmament.

In his speech before the Disarmament Conference here, the minister affirmed “the Kingdom’s abidance by supporting the disarmament efforts in the Mideast.”

He also expressed Riyadh’s concern over “the stalemate facing the functions of the Disarmament Conference.”

The minister mentioned: “Saudi Arabia has signed an international agreement and has made national legislations to activate the efforts of the disarmament program.”

He added: “It is impossible to insult and look down on other religions under the pretext of freedom of opinion.”

The minister drew attention to the fact that the Kingdom has established the National Commission for Implementing the Ban on Chemical and Biological Weapons, to act as a link between the Organization for Banning Chemical Weapons and the pertinent authorities and countries.

It has also set up the Authority for Nuclear and Radiological Monitoring to carry out the agreements related to operating the Kingdom’s National Program for Peace.

He said: “The cowardly attack against the oil facilities in Abqaiq and Khurais in the Kingdom posed a serious threat to the security of global oil supplies. The speedy measures the Kingdom took, led to controlling oil prices and preventing them from rising sharply. This was apart from dealing with the damage to the oil facilities in a record time.”

The minister added: “The challenges that the irresponsible conduct by the Iranian regime have created have led to the appearance of new patterns of threats to global peace and security by supplying terrorist groups with drone technologies for attacking the countries of the region, in a violation of all international norms and laws that forbid all countries from such conduct.”

He further said: “The Iranian regime announcing lowering its implementation of its commitments to the nuclear agreement signed in 2015, targeting specific fields and activities in the nuclear program that will cut the time for Iran to own nuclear weapons, is evidence of the Iranian nuclear program not being for peaceful purposes at all.”

Prince Faisal affirmed the Kingdom’s support for the efforts aiming at disarmament, achieving stability in the region, maintaining global peace and security, and facing the challenges in the region and those facing the countries of the world.

“The Kingdom calls on the international community to shoulder its responsibility toward supporting these efforts and standing shoulder to shoulder in confronting these challenges facing the region in particular and the world in general,” he said.

“Within this sphere, the Kingdom is participating with the rest of the Arab countries in calling for the establishment of a region free from nuclear weapons and all weapons of mass destruction in the Middle East. It also calls on the international community to work on achieving this goal,” he added.