Al-Khateeb visits renowned French culinary arts institute


Saudi Gazette report

The Chairman of the Quality of Life Program Ahmad Bin Aqeel Al-Khateeb visited Le Cordon Bleu that specializes in culinary arts in Paris, France, Saudi Press Agency said.

Al-Khateeb met with several Saudi scholarship students studying at Le Cordon Bleu Institute. These students are learning culinary arts within one of the initiatives of the Quality of Life Program, which is concerned with providing education curricula for Saudi young men and women, in cooperation with MiSK Foundation. In a statement, Ahmad Al-Khateeb said that this step is part of the initiatives of the entertainment sector, one of the programs that comes under the Quality of Life Program in cooperation with MiSK. The objective is to support the entertainment sector in the Kingdom and empower the Saudi youth to work in it, in line with the best world standards.

Al-Khateeb said the entertainment sector that includes restaurants is one of the important sectors for Quality of Life, which has been witnessing speedy growth recently. This comes within the Kingdom’s endeavor to provide services of international standards that will contribute to totally changing the sector in the region.

He added: “Work in the entertainment sector, especially restaurants is an important opportunity for young Saudis to raise the standard of the sector and invest in it, especially with the efforts to attract international restaurants to work in the Kingdom, and the launching of the tourist visa for foreign visitors.”

He further said: “Hence, this increases the need for providing international services of high quality in the Kingdom to support the entertainment sector, Quality of Life Program and tourism. All these efforts are integrative with those of the Ministry of Culture in the Kingdom, which is responsible for developing and exporting the Saudi cuisine to the world via its many initiatives.”

He added that granting 30 scholarships to youth Saudis to study at Le Cordon Bleu culinary arts international institute is but the first step that will be followed by many more by the Quality of Life Program meant to support the Saudi youth to enter new promising sectors.

Al-Khateeb also met with the head chef of the institute and Saudi scholarship students studying in the institute, in the presence of the Saudi Cultural Attache in France Dr. Abdullah Bin Fahd Al-Thunayyan, and several other embassy officials.