Mobily launches its 89th National Day initiative

Salman Albadran

RIYADH — Etihad Etisalat (Mobily) has launched its 89th National Day initiative under the hashtag #EveryonesKingdom. This initiative is designed to spark a conversation to bring forward a change in societal stereotypes towards people with disabilities.

A Saudi orchestra performed the Saudi National Anthem in a touching way; with pauses in the song symbolizing persons with disabilities, demonstrating that, as within the performance, society is incomplete without them.

Mobily aims to raise awareness and start a discussion to promote social inclusion of people with disabilities, by empowering them to explore their potential and social contributions.

"Given that part of our mission as an ICT company is to facilitate communications among people, we believe that all should engage in conversations aimed at leveraging how people with disabilities can be empowered by our society. This begins with a simple dialogue, to shed light on people with disabilities and their feelings as well as highlighting that commonalities often dominate differences. Together, we can change the prevailing societal perceptions; hence, our 89th National Day campaign stimulates a conversation so that our Kingdom embraces all the abilities of people with disabilities," said Salman Albadran, Mobily CEO.

The #EveryonesKingdom initiative is in line with Vision 2030 as it supports one of Saudi Arabia's main objectives: "Rewarding Opportunities" – especially providing equal opportunities to everyone in the Kingdom.

We encourage those interested in promoting the cause for people with disabilities to join the discussion through the hashtag #EveryonesKingdom on the following links:



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