MOFA condemns this grave attack that threatens global peace and security


JEDDAH — Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) stated on Monday that evidence of use of Iranian arms in the recent attack on the Saudi Aramco facilities has been found, and work is in progress to determine the source of the attacks following preliminary investigations.

In an unprecedented subversive attack, the oil facilities in the Kingdom for supplying international markets were attacked on Sat. Spt. 14, 2019, resulting in stoppage of about 50 percent of Saudi Aramco production, MOFA stated quoting a Ministry of Energy statement.

In its statement, MOFA said that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia condemns this grave attack that threatens global peace and security.

The Kingdom stresses that the target in the first instance is the global energy supplies. This is an extension of the previous acts of aggression that targeted the Saudi Aramco pumping stations using Iranian weapons.

The Kingdom expresses its appreciation to all the regional and international parties that expressed their condemnation and denunciation of this attack.

It calls upon the international community to shoulder its responsibility in denouncing those behind this attack and clearly counter such barbaric acts that affect the very nerve of the global economy.

The Kingdom will invite international experts from the UN to conduct fact-finding investigations and take part in the ensuing probe.

It will take all the appropriate measures, in the light of the investigation results to guarantee its security and stability.

The Kingdom strongly reaffirms that it is capable of defending its territories and people and respond strongly to these attacks. — SPA