Emirates Pavilion gives visitors authentic welcome at Souk Okaz


TAIF - The UAE Pavilion in the Arab Neighborhood in Souk Okaz, the annual festival currently underway in Taif, gives visitors a warm and sincere welcome, greeting them with a spectacle that embodies the country’s honorable history and bright present. The pavilion represents an Emirati old quarter, with markets, products and distinctive folklore.

The pavilion stands out for its distinctive architectural style, giving the visitor the feeling of having just traveled to the UAE, with attention paid to the smallest detail, down to the fragrant perfumes. Tourists can visit authentic shops, and look at the finest perfumes, fronds, handicrafts, authentic jewelry, and the famous Emirati burqas.

Visitors can also see Emirati folk art in the heart of the spacious arena, with original Arab music and dancing, including the traditional yola dance, war dances and more, as well as popular games for children. Visitors can also enjoy authentic Emirati cuisine, with a range of popular, quality dishes.

The Arab Neighborhood, which contains the UAE Pavilion and pavilions for 10 other Arab countries, is the latest addition to Souk Okaz, helping to confirm Taif’s status as one of the most important Arab tourism destinations. The Arab Neighborhood is hosting families from all Arab countries throughout August, as part of the Taif tourist season.