The Qatari missile and Saudi Arabia’s name!


Italian police have seized a French missile bearing the name of the Qatari Royal Air Force that was in the possession of a Nazi extremist terrorist group. Such weapons are not sold in the back alleys of cities like machine guns, and do not easily move between cities and states like checked baggage.

In order for this missile to reach this outlawed group, it must have been transported by armed militias engaged in wars supported by state governments, not gangs fighting for areas of influence in the alleyways of some city.

It is noteworthy that the Western media have reported the Qatari identity of the missile in such a way that it did not become breaking news, and this may indeed be acceptable professionally as investigations are still underway. However, one can imagine how Western media would have reported the event if Saudi Arabia was the name on that missile, even if had only been written with a pencil?

The French should now ask the Qataris why their goods have fallen into the hands of Nazi terrorists practicing their banned activities in a European country. The international community should ask the Qataris why and how a dangerous missile has left the storage depot in Qatar to threaten peace in Italy.

Also, the missile warehouse should be carefully checked to make sure that other missiles are not in Libya, Syria or Yemen, or other areas of conflict which are fueled and funded by small governments trying to play big roles!