Jeddah Season offers world-class dining experience to visitors

More than a dozen international restaurants joined 157 local eateries to give a world-class dining experience to visitors of the Jeddah Season festival.

Saudi Gazette report

More than a dozen world-class restaurants joined 157 local outlets in giving an awesomely mouthwatering experience to visitors of “Jeddah Season” festival. These pop-up outlets have been instrumental in spiking the level of competition among the high-end eateries in Jeddah, the Bride of the Red Sea.

The organizing committee of the festival was keen on attracting the finest international restaurants that cater to all tastes and ages, allowing visitors to sample dishes from a variety of kitchens.

Basma Al-Khuraiji, food and beverage official of the festival, said Jeddah was experiencing an unprecedented increase in activities in each of the five main venues of the festival.

“We have managed to attract 13 large restaurants and 157 small projects run by Saudi youth in the field of food and beverages. The committee is cashing in on the opportunities offered by the Jeddah Season.”

She noted that the Underground Restaurant’ and the Earth Café coffee shop on the Jeddah waterfront’s Alexandria Beach enable gourmets enjoy dining while watching stunning sea views at the same time. There are also five stalls and 10 kiosks offering a variety of food and beverages, some of which were allocated to Saudi productive families.

In the shopping area, there are shops, kiosks and various dining areas. A host of the fines restaurants in the city such as GAIA and Zodiac are open in the Obhur area.

GAIA Jawhar offers Greek Mediterranean cuisine with modern taste and captivating charm. Zodiac is characterized by its ambience, offering a range of luxurious dishes as well as its distinctive services.

There are also some of the finest restaurants offering mouthwatering cuisine at the mini-food festival being held on the sidelines of the Jeddah Season activities at Al-Jawhara Hall of King Abdullah Sports City. These include:

• Zuma Restaurant, which offers contemporary Japanese cuisine with traditional Izakaya style dining

• Ninive Restaurant is a new dining sensation, offering a unique outdoor experience of various Arab cuisines.

• COYA Restaurant: The cuisine is mainly Peruvian with some Japanese, Chinese and Spanish influences. The spirit of adventure depends on the Peruvian heritage and the culture of passion for food with the most exciting flavors. Spanish, Japanese and Chinese influences blend seamlessly with ingredients that are rarely found anywhere in the world, producing a truly unique experience.

• Le Michelangelo Restaurant: It is regarded as the private kingdom of the world famous artist and chef Mamo, whose culinary arts are the warmth of southern Italy and France, the Mediterranean culture and the delight of dining.

Mamo is godfather of pasta that is full of energy and has made him the favorite chef in the eyes of many of the world’s most famous television, music and sports celebrities. He is also a favorite cook at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival.

Mamo was extremely delighted to be a participant in the Jeddah Season festival.

The Jeddah waterfront offers the experience of El Asador, a favorite restaurant for meat lovers, as well as food carts that move around the festival area with different types of food and drink.

The Beach Area hosts Al-Anbriya Restaurant, which specializes in fresh seafood, and the coffee lovers can have lounge coffee from Aurum and the Coffee Nest. They can enjoy different types of hot and cold drinks, along with shisha.

There is also the most famous Japanese restaurant Nobu, known for its unique concept, combining traditional Japanese cuisine with South American flavors. The Scalini restaurant serves Italian cuisine, shisha and the finest coffee.

The Katch Restaurant in addition to an innovative array of seafood dishes, features a welcome performance, elegant décor and a blend of contemporary music.

The Hamra venue boasts about 20 food and beverage kiosks run by Saudi entrepreneurs, apart from two leading Saudi cuisine experiences — the "Amara" and "Street 56" restaurants.