Schneider Electric launches ninth edition of global competition for engineers


RIYADH — Schneider Electric, the global leader in energy management and automation, has launched the ninth edition of its Go Green in the City competition.

This year’s edition is the best, biggest, and boldest to date as it brings together engineering and business students from 180 countries in an effort to highlight their skills and ideas for revolutionizing concepts and methodologies that create innovative energy generation and consumption solutions and promoting green urban environments.

Participation in this year’s competition is open until May 25, and its tracks comprise several categories, including sustainability and access to energy in order to pave the road for future grids and networks.

Participating in the competition requires a team of two students with a minimum of one female. Teams will study an innovative idea for an urban energy management solution in the areas of strategic use of technology, energy efficiency in cooling solutions, energy storage and efficiency, integrated urban energy systems, and other unique solutions that promote environmental friendliness.

The competing teams will undergo training, mentoring, and early career counseling, which will highlight young national talents and give them the opportunity to prove their abilities. The competition will provide the winners with an array of sponsorship, networking and travel prospects, as well as job opportunities within Schneider Electric’s various commercial divisions.

The winners will obtain several sponsorship and networking opportunities in addition to job opportunities in various business activities and disciplines. They will also get the chance to win international trips to two cities of their choice (where Schneider Electric has offices).

Go Green in the City began in 2011 with the objective to explore and nurture innovative and promising youth ideas by providing opportunities to meet experts and gain professional advice in order to develop creative ideas.

Schneider Electric President in Saudi Arabia and Yemen Najib Al-Naeem noted that the leading annual competition aims to attract the best talents in the long run and encourage them to create unique innovations that enhance sustainability in smart cities while developing the knowledge of students and showcasing their discoveries on a global scale.

The global competition is a major event of great interest to many educational institutions and engineering students around the world, as last year’s edition witnessed the participation of more than 80,000 students from around the world.

Schneider Electric operates in more than 100 countries, and it is the undisputed leader in the field of energy management through medium and low voltage panels, safe energy, and the manufacturing of automation systems; offering its customers integrated solutions characterized by their efficiency and combination of power, automation, and software. — SG