German director defends horror flick against #MeToo criticism

Fatih Akin

Berlin — One of Germany's most acclaimed directors, Fatih Akin, hit back Saturday at criticism of his new film about a real-life serial killer, "The Golden Glove", charging that it exploits the female victims.

Akin, who won a Golden Globe award last year for his terrorism drama "In the Fade" starring Diane Kruger, insisted the ultra-violent new picture aimed to grant "dignity" to both the killer and the slain women.

"We are living in a time in which the discussion about sexual violence is everywhere and that is justified," Akin told reporters at the Berlin film festival, where the picture premiered.

"But when you make a film about sexual violence, you have to show it," he said after facing several pointed questions.

Akin said he had no desire to "glorify" violence against women with the film's scenes graphically depicting sexual torture, murder and dismemberment which many viewers said left them feeling queasy.

Akin said for all the heightened sensitivity around sexual misconduct in the entertainment industry, it should not be used to stifle artistic freedom. — AFP