6 proposed conditions on which Saudis can travel to Thailand


By Adnan Shabrawi

Okaz/Saudi Gazette

The Kingdom’s higher authorities have approved a proposal to study the pending cases between Saudi Arabia and Thailand, hence allowing Saudis to travel to the Asian country.

Reliable sources told Okaz/Saudi Gazette that a special committee has studied the pending cases between the two countries and has proposed six conditions on which Saudis will be allowed to travel to Thailand.

The proposal will allow public sector employees to attend international and regional sports and cultural conferences, symposiums, meetings and competitions in Thailand. Saudis will also be allowed to import goods from Thailand after presenting a certificate attested by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Saudis can also travel to Thailand for medical treatment.

They can also visit their kin serving the Saudi Embassy in Thailand after presenting a letter attested by the Embassy.

Citizens having family ties in Thailand will be allowed to travel to the country.