Congress trying to curtail allies like Saudi Arabia: Jubeir

Saudi Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Adel Al-Jubeir in conversation with “Face the Nation” moderator Margaret Brennan.

Washington — Saudi Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Adel Al-Jubeir said some US legislators were “providing ammunition to the ‘death to America’ crowd.”

“I find it very strange that members of Congress would try to curtail allies like Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates in trying to push back against terrorist organizations supported by Iran and Hezbollah,” Jubeir told “Face the Nation”, responding to Congressional efforts this week against the Kingdom.

He echoed the UN blame for the Houthis, vowing that Saudi Arabia would “absolutely” allow passage of food through ports in Yemen.

“We’re the ones that are providing the largest amount of humanitarian assistance to Yemen of any country in the world,” Jubeir said.

“We’ve provided $13 billion, plus, in assistance to Yemen over the last four years. And we will continue to provide assistance to the Yemeni people.”

Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs said on Sunday that Jubeir visited Capital Hill and met with Members of US Congress, posting a video clip from the visit.

On Thursday, the United Nations condemned the Houthis for blocking access to unused humanitarian aid with the potential to feed millions of starving Yemenis.

“Enough grain to feed 3.7 million people for a month has sat unused and possibly spoiling in silos at the mills for more than four months,” UN humanitarian chief Mark Lowcock warned in a statement, calling on the Houthis to allow access to the silos. — Agencies