Female students absent as Taif University starts music training

Only 10 male students turned up for the first music rehearsal organized by Taif University even though the university said more than 800 male and female students have registered for the program.

By Abdul Karim Al-Dhiyabi

Okaz/Saudi Gazette

A limited number of male students of Taif University attended the first singing rehearsals on Monday after the university announced music courses as part of its extra-curricular programs.

Female students were conspicuously absent at the rehearsals.

The university has shifted the venue of the rehearsals from the campus to the cultural club in Taif as per a partnership agreement between the two.

The university previously announced that as many as 850 male and female students have registered for the program.

However, female students were totally absent from the training sessions though many of them have registered to attend. Only 10 male students turned up for the rehearsals.

The male students used the lecture hall of the club to learn playing oud, violin, piano and other instruments.

The university has said it expects to organize the first musical band in a Saudi university.

Chairman of the Taif Cultural Club Attau Allah Al-Jiaid, who attended the rehearsals, said they would provide all assistance required by the band for its rehearsals and workshops.

He said the club would invite the band to perform all its events and gatherings.

“We will encourage the students to excel in their music and signing and to give them opportunity to exhibit their talents and creativity,” he added.

The university, in a recent statement, said it would hire qualified Saudi instructors to teach the students music and signing.

It said it would also organize special gala nights where its band will entertain the public.