Saudis working in carpet stores complain of obstacles

Saudi employees in carpet showrooms complain about their work conditions. — Courtesy Al-Madina

Saudi Gazette report

A number of Saudi men and women employed at carpet showrooms called on the related authorities to intervene in order to improve the work environment, especially as incentives offered in the sector is very low, Al-Madina newspaper reported.

Yazeed Sharif, a Saudi salesman, said the salary offered does not match work in two shifts. The high school graduate pointed out that he was forced to accept the job because he could not find a job that meets his qualifications.

As for Mona Al-Madani, a Saudi female employee working in a carpet store, said she was offered a fixed salary with no incentives. She said the two-shift work is forcing her to stay at the carpet shop because she cannot return home, which is located far away from her place of work.

She cannot afford hiring a private driver because her SR3,000 salary is too low. She added, “I am the only one working in my family. This job is difficult and there are no incentives. I have no medical insurance and only one day-off for the weekend.” Khaled Obaid, a salesman, said when he signed the contract, it mentioned a two-day weekend. But he was surprised when he was told after starting work that there is only one-day off weekly. He was also denied incentives that he was promised at the time of signing the contract. He said he discovered during his time at work how expats in this job used to cheat consumers by hiking the price and how they increased the sale volume.

Abdul Aziz Al-Harbi, owner of a carpet showroom, said the average salary in the sector is RS4,500 for those with experience, in addition to a bonus when the sales target is achieved.