The language of snakes


Okaz newspaper

A Saudi expert in Turkish affairs who speaks fluent Turkish told me how lucky we are that we do not understand the Turkish language. He told me that many Turkish people speak in a very degrading and disrespectful way when they are dealing with tourists from GCC and Arab countries, especially Saudis.

I am not surprised at this treatment of Arabs by Persians and Turks. The two have always felt this way about Arabs throughout history. Even when they converted to Islam, they still felt that way.

If ignorance of the Turkish language is a blessing for GCC, Arab and Saudi tourists when visiting Turkey, then what can we say about the so-called Arab nationalist and mercenaries who speak our language and talk against us.

We have always dealt in good faith with these haters whether they were living inside the Arab world or residing in Western countries. Sadly, the voice of hate is not coming from faraway countries, but from some GCC and Arab countries that have opened their doors for such people to live there.

Doha, the capital city of Qatar, is now becoming a center of such mercenaries and haters. To such people, the Gulf countries are nothing but wells of oil or gas fields that they are exploiting for money to finance their hatred for our country.