Expressing love for Saudi Arabia



The video clip that was widely circulated on social media of a Lebanese national, who owns a restaurant in Argentina and who expressed his love and affection for Saudi Arabia and the city of Al-Khobar where he spent his childhood, attracted many Saudis.

The Saudi people celebrated the man’s feelings of affection and love and they consider him one of them, who left Saudi Arabia in body, but not in heart.

The clip drew many comments from Arabs and Muslims who have lived in the Kingdom, in which they also expressed their deep love for Saudi Arabia, praying to Allah that the country be protected from all evil.

Saudis on the other hand expressed their appreciation for these deep feelings for their country. This is the true nature of the relationship between the Saudi people and their Arab and Muslim brothers, which is based on love and respect. Those who instigate hatred are a very small percentage even if they have a loud voice.

People should not generalize about other nations and should not accuse a whole nation for the actions of a few. When we are responding to the attacks of those who are harming us, we should limit our response to them as persons and not generalize about their country. If we criticize the entire country, then those who remain neutral will be driven to hate us. Many abusive responses involved in generalizing have been picked up and promoted by those sections of the media that hate Saudi Arabia.

In the Arab and Muslim world and even among us in our country, we have people who love Saudi Arabia and realize its role throughout history in serving Islam and Muslims and in supporting Arab and Muslim causes. The smiles on the faces of those who love our country will not be darkened by those who hate us. Their white hearts will not be stained by the evil of those who have ill wishes against us.