We must separate our friends from our enemies



The true feeling of some Arab people and their governments toward the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its people is revealed with each political situation or crisis. Some of these people seem to view Saudi Arabia as an enemy and it has reached the level where they have used filthy language against the Kingdom, its people and leaders.

There have been many occasions when the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was attacked without any reason and in a way that is not acceptable from what are supposed to be “brotherly countries”. Some countries that we have close religious and historical relations with have taken a negative stand against us.

The Kingdom has extended the hand of good faith and support to these countries at times when they were facing crises. Saudi Arabia does not mention these situations or hint at them in anyway. We consider it part of our duty to these countries no matter what negative action they have taken against us.

However, it looks like such attacks against us have exceeded the acceptable limit and have revealed the true feelings in these countries, as they have not done anything to stop their official media from attacking the Kingdom.

In the recent crisis when the Kingdom has been exposed to vicious media attacks from countries, organizations and Western media, some Arab countries and a good number of their people took a negative stand against the Kingdom and did not even show the slightest level of solidarity with us.

These countries know exactly what the Kingdom has offered them for political support in their own crises, not to mention unlimited financial support. These countries are disappointing us by allowing their media to continue their attacks against Saudi Arabia.

This is a sad reality. However, Saudi Arabia will not give up its values and ethics in its relations with friendly countries. But we do have to be realistic and recognize the difference between those who disappoint us and stab us in the back and those who take an honest stand with the Kingdom.