Ministry of Media launches theme, slogan to mark Kingdom's 88th National Day


RIYADH – The Ministry of Media, represented by the Center for Government Communication (CGC), launched the theme and slogan of the 88th National Day of the Kingdom, Saudi Press Agency (SPA) said Friday evening.

Spokesman for the Ministry of Media, in his capacity as the general manager of CGC, Dr. Abdullah Bin Ahmed Al-Maghlouth, said that the launch of the new theme and slogan is part of the strategic media plan of the ministry, which aims at unifying media message among participating parties.

The theme represents a philosophy derived from the map of the Kingdom, the total number of National Day characters and the number of years, which equals the number of 13 regions of the Kingdom, while the bends in the slogan represent the diverse terrain of the Kingdom, adding that the new theme highlights the general positive aspects of the Kingdom and seeks to provide a new concept for the media coverage of the celebrations.

It also aims to enhance the feelings of love and allegiance to the motherland and the values belonging to it, he stressed, indicating that the word Glory, in the slogan refers to pride and superiority, while the word Supremacy refers to the aspirations with the sky being the limit, as it is, he stated, referring to the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.

The design of the entire theme was carried out by a group of 40 creative Saudi young men and women, which provides the crux of their thought of the nation's rise, he pointed out, reasserting the keenness of the Minister of Media Dr. Awwad Bin Saleh Al-Awwad to harness the energy of the Saudi youth and benefit from their abilities, to best serve various media outlets, including production and content formulation, design, infographics, graphic design, photography, editing, film production, media planning and more.

The new theme will be used for the National Day through digital platforms, websites, newspapers and the media, and will be disseminated through media messages, videos, publications and other avenues. – SPA