Ministry gives support for smooth transfer of students from Canada

Sulaiman Bin Abdullah Al-Hamdan

RIYADH — The Minister of Civil Service, Sulaiman Bin Abdullah Al-Hamdan, who also heads the Training and Scholarship Committee — an affiliate of his ministry, explained that the committee's secretariat has been working 24 hours a day to provide support for Saudi missions abroad to help the smooth transfer of those on scholarship in Canada to other countries and universities.

The round the clock action is to implement the directives to stop the training, scholarship and fellowship programs currently in place in Canada.

Meanwhile, the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties has announced its support and participation in the efforts being exerted by the concerned committees to address the situation of Saudi students on scholarship in Canada.

The commission's spokesman Fahd Saad Al-Qithami has confirmed the full readiness of Health Specialties Commission to facilitate the procedures of students who wish to complete their training in the Kingdom through Saudi certification programs and precise specializations, depending on the possibility and approval of their relevant agencies.

He explained that the commission will provide full support in coordination with the Ministry of Education for missions and the cultural attaché in Canada and related agencies, to help students find solutions to complete their education and training programs in the Kingdom, adding that the commission will answer the inquiries of students through the online portal.

On Thursday, Pakistan confirmed its full support to Saudi Arabia in its defense of its sovereignty and rejection of interference in the internal affairs of any country.

The Pakistani Foreign Ministry statement said it was concerned and is closely following the crisis between the Kingdom and Canada and confirms its solidarity with Saudi Arabia.

The statement added that Pakistan supports the sovereignty of countries and the principle of non-interference in internal affairs of other countries, citing the UN agreements, particularly, the international sovereignty law, as stating the respect of sovereignty and non-interference to enhance peaceful and friendly relations among countries. — SPA