Mazzatelsofra a homemade business ‘Made with Care’


Saudi Gazette

— It is a fact of life that some chance words could prove to be inspirational for those who hear it and heed it. Some words spoken in jest or as an experience also can inspire and could alter others’ lives.

Well, the story of ‘Mazzatelsofra’, a home business started just couple of months ago, mirrors just that as it came into being after the owner took the advice of her family and fiends to transform her expertise into business.

According to the business owner, Nhoa Abu Assi, a housewife and a mother in her 50s, the idea of setting up this business came after hearing many advices and encouragement from her closest circle.

Her family and friends, who were constantly impressed and surprised with her culinary delights and her home made healthy dishes, repeatedly advised Abu Assi to display here expertise by setting up a business.

Her family and friends believed the dishes that have been prepared with tender loving care always tastes better, especially that she is good in twisting the traditional dishes into dishes that fits with our modern daily lives.

For instance, one of the special salads that she has been serving to her family and friends is Taboula with brown bulgur wheat or quinoa. Today this salad is offered to the customers, who order it with relish.

After all the encouragement that she received she decided to set up her homemade healthy dishes, dips, and preserves and pickle business and is up and running for the last couple of months.

Today, Abu Assi, Business ‘Mazzatelsofra’, offers special healthy food packages and jars for the connoisseurs and food buffs.

Today she sells different types of pickles such as, olives, lemon, and pepper. Special dips and appetizers are available for parties and occasions, too. Cheese lovers can order the jar of cheese and tomato or Greek salad with balsamic sauce and much more.

“I used to do pickles, salads, and similar kind of food for myself and friends. They liked it a lot and encouraged me to start an online business, so I began my business through making some salad dishes and pickles and cheese jars for my family and friends,” Abu Assi said.

She added that people could order by contacting her through the Instagram page, “Mazzatelsofra.” The order must be made three days before the due date and delivery service is available.

Abu Assi said, “Now, I have three sizes of pickles jars and two sizes of salad plates. I also provide gift baskets and parties plates. We do custom baskets upon the customers’ requests. Honestly, my goal for 2018 is to flourish my business by spreading my service all over Jeddah.”

She did mention that one of the main struggles that she is facing currently with her business is that some of the vegetables and ingredients are not available in the supermarkets.