Being Lefty!


Saudi Gazette

WE all know that we are suppose to eat and perform every task with the right hand. Ever since we remember, it is the right hand’s world. However, there are those who just cannot use their right hand for daily life functions. They are lefty, who use their left hand. Being left handed means you are one out of millions of people who use their left hand. You may eat, write or play with your left hand. Consider yourself a part of the 10% population.

Why are you a left handed person? Scientists are not sure as to what contributes to this trait. It has been discovered that people who dominantly use their left hand do have left-handed family members. More boys than girls are left handed

Did you know that lefties in history grow up to be Presidents? Barack Obama, Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton are few examples. There is nothing to prove it, but theories suggest that lefties are intelligent due to the use of right-side of the brain. Other reason being solving problem from early age as they have to find solutions in the right-hand designed world.

The English language is written from left to right making it difficult for lefties to see what they have written as their hand covers it. Make sure you have space on the left side of the table to rest your arm.

Hold your pencil about the width of your thumb from the point. Keep your wrist straight when you are writing. Hold your hand in a relaxed position. Don't tighten up your fingers. Make sure your hand is below the line of your writing then you can see what you are doing.

If you are lefty, consider yourself lucky as well. It gives you a unique advantage in athletics as a player giving you an extra element of surprise against right-handed players. Wayne Gardener (motor racing), Simon Katich, Mitchell Johnson (cricket) and Tony Roche (tennis) are some lefty player.

Lefties have an advantage while typing on the keyboard as most words are written on the left side. Computer mouse can easily be switched over to work for the lefties. So never think that you are the odd one out. You are as special as the right handed person. Never stop trying.

There is a day dedicated for lefties – Left Handers Day which is celebrated on Aug. 13.