Road Ready: Rozana Al-Banawi shares the best apps to download for driving in Saudi Arabia


With more people taking the wheel in Saudi Arabia, hundreds of ladies are now driving themselves, their families, and even becoming taxi drivers, dropping off passengers to where they want to go. Rozana Al-Banawi, a Saudi leadership coach, is amongst the first drivers in the Kingdom. She shares her insight on driving experience so far saying “This is my home country. It’s where all my friends and family are, and it’s where I’ve always dreamt of driving.” She adds "I will now experience Saudi Arabia from a firsthand perspective and with a little help from specific apps on my iPhone, I know I won’t ever get lost or have a dull moment on the road.”

To make sure every new female driver is able to navigate, stay safe, and be entertained whilst on the road, Rozana shares her favorite apps, to download from the App Store before hitting the streets.


Getting around can be sometimes challenging if you don’t know your way. That’s why navigation apps are handy, informing you of every turn, light or heavy traffic, and ensuring you get to the right location.

• Waze: One of the most popular navigation apps is Waze. It has better, more accurate information on real-time situations like traffic jams, speed traps or road hazards, delivered by people who are witnessing it firsthand.

• Sygic: Another great navigation app is Sygic with lots of smart features, beautiful 3D offline maps and easy to use interface providing an exceptional driving experience.

Road assistance and Emergency

No matter what navigation app you choose, it's important to make driving safety your number one priority. One way to do so is through the Apple Watch Emergency SOS feature which offers help right when you need it. When you make a call with SOS, your Apple Watch automatically calls the Saudi emergency number and will alert your emergency contacts with a text message.

• Morni: In case you have a flat tire or your car breaks down on the road, Morni offers roadside assistance to make your problems go away. It’s definitely an app to keep for a rainy day.

• Najm: We hope you never have to use this app, but if you ever have a car accident and you’re not sure what to do, Najm will be there lend a helping hand. The leading traffic support service provider in the Kingdom will offer comfort in times of need.

• 10/10 Drive: The 10/10 initiative was launched just last week in collaboration with Marfad Foundation, and aims to support women drivers. The website, and soon to be app, focuses on the safety and security of the individual while driving through awareness programs.


Discover new places to visit and explore the streets of Saudi with the help of listing apps.

• Foursquare: Foursquare City Guide will lead you to the perfect spot to go to for lunch or the best places to shop. Get helpful, positive tips from the community and keep track of where you've been and where you want to go, all in one place.


Your car is like your own little sanctuary. It’s just you, your steering wheel, and the road so you’re allowed to have a little fun on the way.

• Apple Music: The best way to drive is to sift through your iTunes library and play your favorite tunes offline. Here are some of the top playlist recommendations:

◦ The A-List: Khaleeji & The A-List: Arabic playlists includes the best new tracks from across the Arab world.

• Podcasts: For those who love to listen to hot topics and learn new interesting facts, podcasts are the way to go.

◦ Based out of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, The Mstdfr Network is the country’s first podcast network. Whether you’re looking for talk shows, business, entertainment, culture, or sports; there’s probably something for you to download on your iPhone and listen to on the road. Part of the Mstdfr Network, another great podcast to tune into is Azzbda.

• Motivational & wellness: Dealing with road rage is not always easy. Setting up your car to practice mindfulness techniques will help you focus and be less distracted with the things around you.

◦ Headspace: This app will help you relax with guided meditations that bring calm, wellness and balance to your life in just a few minutes a day.