Ice cream trucks are a public health risk



In the UK, there is a new ice cream flavor that is so spicy you have to sign a legal waiver before buying it. The spicy ice cream is so dangerous that it is named “Breath of the Devil”.

This got me thinking that we should do the same and require customers to sign a waiver before buying from local ice cream trucks that are roaming around our neighborhoods.

These vehicles are so poorly maintained and unhygienic that the products they sell could harm the health of customers. The ice cream they offer might as well be made with the breath of the devil.

Those who operate these trucks trick consumers into thinking the ice cream is attractive and appealing. Although it might seem like the trucks have a nostalgic feel and offer cheap prices like SR1 or SR2 for a cone, in reality the ice cream they provide is not healthy at all and should be avoided.

There is no inspection of these trucks that are often illegally operated by foreign workers. Therefore, the ingredients used to make the ice cream, such as biscuits, milk and water, are from unknown sources. Has anyone gone inside these trucks to see how clean they are and how they freeze ice cream?

There should be strict regulations for allowing these trucks to sell food to the public. Customers should think twice before stopping to buy from an ice cream truck when they could go to a licensed fast food chain restaurant where cleanliness is guaranteed.

Ice cream trucks are commonly found in tourist sites all over the world. However, they should be duly licensed and inspected by the appropriate municipal health authorities.

If young Saudis obtained licenses to operate such trucks properly, they could make good business during the summer vacation. It would be a win-win situation for young Saudis looking for work in their free time and for us to get rid of this health risk.