Share a meal using your phone Help end world hunger


Saudi Gazette

Now share a meal with kids in hunger stricken countries for just SR 2.

ShareTheMeal is a crowd-funding application that aims to diminish global hunger through the United Nations World Food Program.

You can download the app and become a part of the movement to help end world hunger and share your blessings with those in need.

WFP is reportedly the world’s largest humanitarian agency fighting hunger. Each year, WFP reaches 80 million people with food assistance in around 80 countries.

ShareTheMeal’s latest product launch is ‘The Table’, a monthly giving community that virtually connects members with families they are supporting through personalized updates and exclusive stories. Through The Table, monthly donors directly support families with cash assistance, so that they can purchase the food that best suits their family’s needs. Invite a family to your table to help fight for a world without hunger. The app enables users to make small donations to specific WFP projects and to track its progress. WFP is 100% voluntarily funded, its administrative costs are among the lowest in the non-profit sector – with 90% of donations going directly to WFP operations that are building a world with zero hunger.