Saudi Embassy in Pakistan refutes misinformation on Qataris’ rights to perform Umrah


ISLAMABAD -- The Saudi Embassy in Pakistan has refuted misinformation and false allegations by some sections of the Pakistani media about the rights of Qatari citizens to perform Umrah.

In a statement issued here, the Embassy explained that Saudi Arabia, since the first day it decided to sever diplomatic and consular relations with Qatar, had confirmed its consideration towards Qatari brothers and facilitated the performance of the rituals easily according to mechanisms organized by competent authorities.

It said that the statement issued by the Qatari embassy in Islamabad on Thursday is only one of the desperate and open attempts to hold Saudi Arabia responsible for Qatari citizens not being able to enter the Kingdom for Umrah.

The Embassy, through its statement to the Muslim community, clarified that some of the Pakistani newspapers are incorrect about the inability of the citizens and residents of Qatar to perform Umrah rituals.

According to the statement issued by the Saudi Ministry of Haj and Umrah, the Kingdom welcomes Qatari citizens to visit and perform Umrah. "Since the issuance of the statement of the Ministry of Haj and Umrah, the Kingdom has received a number of Qataris for Umrah, who arrived at King Abdulaziz International Airport, and provided them with all services to facilitate their performance of the rituals, like other Muslims from all over the world," the Embassy explained. -- SPA