Lexus supports woman empowerment

Dr. Suhair Hassan Al Qurashi, president of Dar Al Hekma University, welcomes guests for the opening of the visual communication graduates exhibition class 16, 22nd edition under the motto “ woman empowerment: an important part of 2030 vision” at Lexus Showroom in Jeddah – medina rd.

DR. Suhair Hassan Al Qurashi, President of Dar Al Hekma University, welcomed guests for the opening of the visual communication graduates exhibition class 16, 22nd edition under the motto “Woman Empowerment: An important Part of 2030 Vision” at Lexus showroom in Jeddah – Madinah Rd.

For the first time ever Lexus KSA sponsors a student exhibition, allowing students to use the showroom as a place to express and showcase their amazing projects in initiative to support women driving next month in the kingdom. The exhibition covers the students’ graduation projects of different topics taken by the social and cultural development as well as the total future developments in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The exhibition reflects a close relationship between the academic study curriculum at one hand and the applied practices in the fields of industry and market in the other hand.

49 graduates have shown many of their creative, unique and distinguished projects that varied between graphic designs, fine graphics, animation and photography.

Dr. Suhair toured around the exhibition in the company of Nada Zaidan, head of the visual communication and they both appreciated what they have seen of innovation, creativity, and many ideas shown by the university students. They have also appreciated the efforts of the university staff who enabled the students get advantage of what they had learned and how they became able to make their own visions and apply them to all walks of life.

The President of the University expressed thanks to Muteb Al Malki, representative of Lexus company for opening the exhibition and sharing the graduates in their gradation joy. She also expressed her gratitude to Abdullatif Jameel Company for hosting the exhibition this year.

She said:” The visual communication and representation especially in the growing industrial and trading era and any information such as digital, printed or video needs the skills and talent of the graphic designer, indicating that the exhibition includes works of distinguished students in the world of design. Allowing the opportunity to see different talents from diverse cultures helps Saudi students of this science to develop and refine their skills and abilities and widen their horizons and knowledge. She also thanked the graduate and designer Jawaher Al Maroy and her company Grad Design who produced the graduate’s exhibition, and also thanked the graduate Khloud Attar for designing a complete book for the exhibition showing the works of the graduates.

Mrs. Nada Zaidan the director of the visual communication department said that the graduates of Dar Al Hekma have excelled and proved themselves as having exceptional skills and winning many prizes. She added:” This year we are showing the work of 49 graduates such as graphic design and motion graphic as a reap of four years of diligent work in order to publicize the role of woman in achieving the Kingdom’s sustainable development of Kingdom 2030 vision, through the steps of its social and economic empowerment”.

The exhibition this year showed its privacy because it is the first time the works of graduates of the communication division are shown outside the university campus and hosted by Abdullatif Jameel Company – Lexus.

Muteb Al Malki, representative Abdullatif Jameel Company – Lexus, asserted that the exhibition is considered as an important event and a true contribution to realize the company’s vision, message and expectations. He stressed that this event has paid off in encouraging the university’s graduates to enhance their leading role in enriching all society segments by their technical skills and talents that had impressed the audience.

About Lexus’ hosting to theses creative projects e said: “Hosting the exhibition Jameel Company’s social responsibility and the special program that seek to provide special social works that stem from the sense of social responsibility towards the youth of our country.” — SG