Punish those who litter our beaches


WHETHER you are in Al-Khobar, Dammam or any other city, you will definitely enjoy beaches and waterfronts the quality of which you would rarely see abroad. Words cannot truly compliment our municipalities, which unfortunately receive a lot of criticism.

When I compare our beaches and seafronts that are hundreds of kilometers long with what I see abroad, I feel we have some of the world’s best waterfronts. They are suitable for walking, are green, filled with children’s playgrounds, full of different restaurants and have adequate parking areas.

Unfortunately, these beautiful beaches are being spoiled by people who leave their rubbish everywhere. If our municipalities had not provided trashcans, then they would be at fault. However, the municipalities have set up trashcans everywhere to the extent that I have criticized them for providing too many trashcans.

It has to be admitted that some Saudis and expatriates act stupidly and carelessly. They do not care about those who come after them. They do not care about the services provided by the municipalities, or the money the government spends on improving our beaches and waterfronts.

Last summer, I visited a beach in Australia. I woke up early to walk on the beach and was amazed at how clean it was, despite the thousands of people I saw there the night before. They were playing sports and having barbeques.

On the other hand, I am surprised at the rubbish on our seafronts, especially on Thursday, Friday and Saturday mornings. Food is left everywhere, along with empty cans, paper napkins, etc., in spite of the close proximity and abundance of trashcans.

The people responsible for littering our beaches are ignorant and despicable. There is no solution except to punish them, force them to pay the wages of cleaners, and force them to clean up the mess that they have left and do it in front of their children. However, implementing this would not be effective without the support of the authorities.