ZamZam Pullman Makkah supports global healthcare

Hamid Sidine

ZAMZAM Pullman Makkah participates in World Health Organization’s World Health Care Day with a vibrant awareness event. The iconic hotel supports its vision that healthcare, which is basic human right, should reach everywhere around the globe, beyond affordability.

During the vibrant awareness event in one of the most iconic five star hotels in Makkah Al Mukaramah, Hamid Sidine, general manager, said “we are here to inspire, motivate, and share the guide of the global healthcare vision with our cosmopolitan Pullman Nomads, who are the here for the journey of lifetime. He added that healthcare needs to reach to everyone around the world regardless of affordability capability because it’s basic human right.

The awareness event was organized in association with Al-Nahdi Medical Company. Pullman Nomads & Heartists participated in it to promote universal healthcare for all. — SG