SAP CEO: Artificial Intelligence to hasten Saudi Vision 2030


RIYADH — During a visit to Riyadh, SAP CEO Bill McDermott, welcomed the Kingdom’s bold use of artificial intelligence to help bring Saudi Vision 2030 national development goals to life, and to serve as the foundation for smart city NEOM, located in Saudi Arabia’s Tabuk region.

“Artificial intelligence is central to Saudi Vision 2030,” Bill McDermott said. “With careful foresight, it will significantly transform government services in Smart Cities. NEOM is an excellent example of true innovation integrated into city infrastructure, enabling autonomous vehicles, smart buildings, and new mobile services that will improve the lives of Saudi citizens.”

Bill McDermott added: “Saudi Millennials are part of the best-connected generation in history. The workplace of the future will bring careers we can’t even imagine yet. SAP supports the digital ambitions of the Kingdom to equip today’s youth with the digital skills to unleash their potential and achieve their dreams.”

SAP recently announced a 4-year SR285 million investment that includes plans for the SAP Cloud Hub, and an MoU with the National Digitization Unit. SAP’s Training and Development Institute plans to build skills and knowledge in the Middle East and North Africa worth $100 million by 2022.

SAP co-innovates with innovators including Saudi Aramco and the Saudi Aramco Shell Refinery Company (SASREF) in oil and gas; the General Authority for Zakat and Income Tax; and the alfanar engineering and construction company. — SG