Dr. Imrana attends HFF Mushaira

Dr. Imrana attends HFF Mushaira

Dr. Imrana attends HFF Mushaira

Waqar Naseem Wamiq

RIYADH – Renowned Pakistani poetess and journalist Dr. Imrana Mushtaq attended the mushaira organized by the well-known literary club, Halqa-e-Fikr-O-Funn (HFF) here. Chief coordinator Dr. Tariq Aziz and Deputy secretary general Dr. Hina Ambreen Tariq of HFF were the hosts of the mushaira followed with the suhoor at their residence.

Imrana is on a short visit to the Kingdom. Shewas warmly received by the secretary general of HFF Waqar Wamiq, Tariq and Hina at the airport on arrival from Lahore.

The mushaira that was formally begun with the recitation of verses from the Holy Qur’an by Dr. Mahmoud Ahmed Bajwa and a soulful naat presentation by Dr. Saeed Ahmed Waince was enjoyed by the audience, especially Imrana’s rendition.

HFF President Dr. Muhammad Riaz Chaudhray, highlighted the works and achievements of Dr. Imrana Mushtaq in his welcome note. “We welcome Dr. Imrana to Saudi Arabia, She is well known poetess, novelist, political analyst, educationist, author of 10 poetic and literary books, executive member of Pakistan Council of media writers, convener press forum of University of Management and Technology UMT, Lahore, chief executive of newly formed Baqaa TV and several other titles are to her credit,” Riaz said.

Wamiq shared some of his profound memories with Dr. Imrana while introducing her to the audience. “Dr. Imrana Mushtaq is a noble literary woman, and she has dedicated her life to the love of literature and poetry, she has a great fan following with 10 books to her credit, I experienced the monthly reunion of mainstream poets and writers at Lahori Nashta (breakfast) organized by Dr. Imrana Mushtaq at UMT,” Wamiq said.

Several poets of Halqa-e-Fikr-o-Funn including Abdul Razzaq Tabassum, Muhammad Sabir Qashang, Abid Shamoon Chand, Dr. Hina Ambreen Tariq and Waqar Wamiq presented their poetry whereas Prof. Tasneem Amjad, Ehsan Abbasi, Ch. Sajjad Ali, Ilyas Rahim, Zakaullah Mohsin, Farah Ehsan and Ch. Naseer Ahmed also welcomed Dr. Imrana Mushtaq in their respective speeches.
Dr. Imrana in her speech highly thanked the management of Halqa-e-fikr-o-funn. “I feel so happy among the finest literary peoples of Riyadh and I am highly thankful to my wonderful hosts, I truly appreciate the contributions of Halqa e Fikr-o-Funn. Overseas Pakistani writers are full of talent and they are contributing valuable additions in poetry and literature,” Imrana said.

Imrana than fascinated her audience with her Urdu and Punjabi poetry. She began with her Hamdia and Naatia couplets, and she was asked to recite several of her famous poems and ghazals. She also presented her latest book of Urdu poetry “Samandar aur sitara (Sea and the Star)” to Waqar Wamiq, Riaz Chaudhary, Dr. Tariq and Hina Ambreen. The nightlong get together and mushaira ended on Suhoor with a note of thanks by the host Dr. Tariq Aziz.